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Tax Planning

The services we offer to client’s in this area are to closely examine all available "tax pockets" for tax minimization and to embrace advanced tax planning that effectively supports your plan goals and objectives.

When we look at your tax liabilities, we examine all areas subject to taxation--personal and corporate income (for business owners and professional entities). In addition, excise, gift and estate taxation can also have an impact on your current economic landscape. With discussions centered around the current planning horizon, we will help you discover areas of opportunity for current and future tax reduction. Tax savings can help ’fund’ existing planning needs or new recommendations as a result of the planning process. Our initial data meeting will help us identify where planning opportunities may exist for you and your family.

Tax Pockets to consider for advanced planning:

  • Personal and Wealth Management Efficiencies
  • Corporate
  • Zero-Tax Transfers
  • Tax-Exempt Planning

Tax planning strategies ultimately fall into one of 4 categories 1) Deduct 2) Defer 3) Divert or 4) Convert. Income tax planning opportunity varies from client to client based on their objectives, values, income sources and wealth composition. 

We will collaborate with you and your tax advisor(s) with our recommendations in tax liability management.

(Disclosure: Baxa Advisors Inc. does not practice tax law or prepare tax returns. Please consult a qualifed tax advisor.)