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Baxa Advisors Core Planning Process

(1) Introductory Meeting

Our first meeting is an opportunity to begin an open dialogue discussing how the company can have an impact on your personal, family and business goals. However, the focus of our first meeting will be for you to consider: a) our chemistry, b) our philosophical alignment, c) our ability to provide you what you are looking for and d) your desire to trust us as a key advisor and begin a collaborative, long-term relationship.

(2) Information Gathering

Basically this is where we begin to discover more specifics about your goals and values and your current financial and economic position. Generally we will have in-depth discussions regarding the following areas of interest: Current income taxation; Investment and Asset Management; Wealth Accumulation or Preservation; Income/Cash Flow Planning; Financial Independence; Asset Protection, personal and corporate; Business Continuation or Disposition; Estate Planning and Gift & Estate Tax Planning.

(3) Preliminary Report

After we complete our initial planning discussions (along with evaluating current financial and economic status with plan objectives) during our meeting(s), we return with a written preliminary report, to summarize the concerns and potential financial exposure under the current planning landscape.

Fee Presentation. At the end of the preliminary report, we will discuss with you the advisory services needed, the benefits of the work we will complete and the appropriate fee to complete the written plan. We will also discuss the continuation of the planning process as it specifically relates to you, your family and business.

(4) Design Meeting(s)

We may have several meetings with you to discuss and test potential coordinated solutions and recommendations for the planning project. All planning projects take on their own character. Working closely together, we will determine the direction of plan development and prioritize issues to resolve. We provide checks and balances to help you maximize your thought process as we move forward in the planning process.

(5) Preliminary Presentation

At this stage we will provide outlined discussion(s) with supporting materials to illustrate the impact of specific design(s) and discover the coordination aspects that promote moving you more efficiently toward your objectives. We may also engage with your other advisors in communicating our preliminary plan recommendations.

(6) Documented Recommendations

At this stage our goal is for you to have a solid understanding of what needs to be done to maximize income and assets in order to have the greatest impact upon your desires, goals and objectives. We compile the preliminary report(s) into the final plan document (the financial plan). This will act as the implementation guide as well as a benchmark for monitoring the project as we begin formal implementation. Comprehensive planning is always an ongoing process and we are here to foster a strong working relationship and to serve.

The documented or written recommendations binder is designed as your current and future reference source for appropriately monitoring the planning implemented in alignment with your goals, objectives and what you value most. And as our relationship progresses through time, we can also update your written plan, when necessary. (There may be implementation strategies for future consideration outlined in your plan document. The plan binder is different that your personal financial organizer.)

(7) Planning Implementation

Critical to your planning success is the implementation process. Legal documents (and tax planning) with asset funding usually play a significant role that are necessary to bring the planning full circle in support of your values and planning objectives.

We will play an important role at this time providing the necessary input and communication(s) with your advisors, such as your attorney, in the execution and implementation of the recommendations outlined in the plan. Through our affiliates and business alliances, we will provide the financial asset alternatives to complete the specific funding of your detailed and comprehensive plan in order to ensure our continued commitment to you, your business and family success.

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