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Business Continuation & Disposition Planning

Since 1987, the president has worked primarily in the high net worth business owner marketplace. The course was set to serve in this marketplace to bring forth innovative ideas, knowledge and tax compliant solutions that will help the high net worth family deal effectively with business succession or disposition and asset protection issues.

No two business succession or disposition plans are exactly alike. The formulation of the plan greatly depends upon the family circumstances such as marital history, children involved in the family business and immediate relatives who may (or may not) have ownership or involvement in the family business enterprise. Experience has taught us that understanding the founder’s values and goals is what will drive the planning process to the end result. With this in mind, our focus is to employ maximum creativity (with respect to the tax laws) in order to maximize the result or planning outcome for the family.

We also know that the business planning process will drive the estate plan design and implementation-and sometimes the opposite. We find that in order to do an effective job for the client, the business succession (or disposition) plan needs to be accomplished with respect to the client`s total estate plan and other objectives. All elements should be considered. With this template we are able to successfully complete a business succession plan with maximum coordination to the estate plan design and implementation. What does this mean? Based on our experience, it is our opinion that a solid plan is one that addresses all areas of planning consistent with the client`s objectives. In addition, we will help you make informed decisions regarding the planning of your future income and assets versus us striving to make you an expert in planning.

The first discussion regarding your detailed business planning will ensue during the data gathering stage of our planning process. (Planning Process) Based on our experience, we will begin to discuss with you the business climate, background, family elements and your objectives and together we will formulate initial concerns with respect to the planning environment. In the end we will bring alternative techniques and solutions for discussion to the table that will enable and empower you to make an informed decision in this important area of your planning. If you already have a formal plan in place, we will begin with a comprehensive review of your planning situation consistent with current thoughts and potential alternatives for improvement.

Your business may be your most important physical asset. In general your business is usually the center point from which you develop on going asset protection environment, estate plan and Business Exit Strategy. We take the above seriously when it comes to helping you make your overall asset and income planning decisions.